Our Staff

Small Society Academy Educators Have a Passion for Teaching.


When it comes to teachers, our standards are as high as yours. Small Society Academy educational daycare is staffed by dedicated teachers who possess the training, skills and passion to create engaging and cheerful learning environments that help your child reach his or her potential.
We strive to create a rewarding environment of growth, not only for our students, but also for our staff, which is apparent in our low employee turnover rate.
All Small Society Academy educators:

  • Are state certified and meet all state child care requirements.
  • Complete an extensive training program of the Academy’s standards and specialized curriculum.
  • Receive in-depth training that gives them further insight on child-care and child-development issues.

Rosa Alonso
Rosa has been a teacher in the infant room for the past 15 years. Her daughter began with her at the age of 2 at Small Society Academy, and has now grown to be a senior in high school. Rosa's love for her infants grows with each new child that enters her classroom. For this reason, she strives to create a warm and comfortable environment in her classroom where the children feel safe and loved, and where the parents feel welcomed.
Jenny Lopez
Jenny has be in our early preschool room for 6 years. Her love for her children, shines with each child's smile that enters her class. Her goal is for the students to come to school in the morning with a smile as they look forward to starting their day, and leave in their parent's arms with a smile, There day will be full of songs, building blocks, and laughter.
Donna McCrea
Donna has been with the Small Society Academy for 25 years, as a Assistant Director you will also find her teaching the Pre-K classroom. Her love is not only in the classroom but for her two grown sons. Donna has a heart for all those she encounters - parents, children and colleagues alike. Singing songs along with laughter can often be heard from her classroom. She believes it's important to laugh and have fun. Flexibility is an essential part of teaching, as a seasoned teacher Donna knows that sometimes the best lesson plans may need to be altered to go along with the flow of the classroom.
Anghela Sotelo
Anghela works alongside Rosa in our infant room. Her love for children started once she taught Kindergarten in Peru. She now loves working with our infant, always making sure they are happy and comfortable.
Aracelly  Risso
Aracelly is a mother, has children of her own and a grandmother.  She helps her daughter out in the mornings before working in our toddler room. You will often hear her singing. Laughing, and reading stories to the children.Maria Maria Sandoval
Maria works alongside Aracelly with the toddlers. She is a mother of 2 beautiful boys, a toddler and a 3 year old. When passing by the room you will hear the laughter of the children while Maria is singing to them in English or in Spanish.Maria Campohemose….Maria works in our preschool room. Maria has children of her own, and grandchildren. She has worked with children for many years in a preschool setting. She loves to work with the young.